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PAINTINGS : exhibitions

"Out of the Middle"
time: November 20, 2008
place: Coleman Road, Londres, UK
details: goup exhibition / one drawing from 1994

"Coleman Road is pleased to present Out of the Middle, a group exhibition featuring work by Souhail Al Zaatari, Abdallah Ko and Jon Nash. The exhibition brings together the works of three very different artists, examining the overlapping of diverse personal perspectives. Functioning much like ideas of an ‘Orient’ the ‘other’ exists as an unknown, between collective identities."

time: from September 22 until October 15, 2005
place: Espace SD, Beirut, Lebanon
details: first solo show / 30 paintings and drawings from 1991 until 2005

"Although the show covers a large time span, there is a strong correlation between the artworks, highlighted by the formats and themes. Many of the paintings are on square canvases, an original format that was inspired by the Chinese format for calligraphy. Through various mixed media techniques such as collage, charcoal, spray and finger painting, Abdallah Ko focuses on forms, more or less human, shifted from their original context and as if mummified or freezed floating in a frame."